This is how migrant farm workers in Ontario can be helped by paralegals.

Last year marked the half century anniversary of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program. That’s an offshoot of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. That program was originally set up to fill the need for temporary seasonal workers.

Each year, some 25,000 of these workers help to harvest the food that winds up on our tables. Making sure they have decent standards to live and work by can be the job of the paralegal under some circumstances.

The paralegals who work on these files needs to have certain positive character traits to be successful. Here’s 5 great personality traits of a good paralegal.

They have sound judgment

Sound judgment has been described as the ability to understand the situation and make the proper decisions. That would apply to paralegals who take up the cause of the treatment of migrant farm workers in Ontario.

A good paralegal also has the ability to understand difficult and complicated situations. They strive to be fair and reasonable at all times.

They are ingenious

Good paralegals are also clever, inventive and original. They have the kind of thought processes that help their clients through their ability to tackle complicated issues from new angles. Resourcefulness is another element of being ingenious.

They are logical

A quality paralegal uses deductive reasoning to start at point A and arrive at point B in a logical manner. These professionals are often dealing with complicated abstract aspects of the legal system. When they are defending the rights of migrants or any other citizens, their ability to be logical is indispensable.

They are patient

Patience is another virtue and character trait of an excellent paralegal. These experts are always dealing with people who have difficult problems and want immediate results. The list of people who can be impatient includes attorneys, their own clients and even witnesses.

It’s important for a good paralegal to stay calm and reasonable regardless of the circumstances.

They need to be persistent

A good paralegal also needs to be persistent and resilient when they run into any obstacles. They keep moving forward when they know they are on the right side. They can’t be deterred from a socially just cause like helping migrant farm workers in Ontario get the treatment and wages they deserve.  

Keep in mind that quitting is never in the vocabulary of one of these professionals.