About Judi Simms Richmond Hill Paralegal

aboutimage1We’ve been in business since 1994 and our founder Judi Simms is the President of the Paralegal Society of Canada since 2008.

We are proud of our excellent client retention and this starts with great customer service by LISTENING FIRST.

It is important that you make the right decision in retaining the proper counsel for your matter.

When you book a consultation with our firm, you will find that we will always provide you with information which will further your interests and help you to make good decisions with respect to procedures. We like to put the other side to its onus of proving the elements of each case if it is a case which needs to be dealt with through a hearing.

While each case is different, Judi Simms Paralegal approaches each matter with the highest degree of attention to detail, accuracy and commitment.

Once we are retained, we will begin working on your matter immediately. You will never be alone in court or at a tribunal again – as one of our paralegals will be with you in court to represent you before the judge/justice of the peace or tribunal member. If you ever require any additional information you will be able to book further appointments at one of our offices, and we undertake to have all your phone calls returned by a paralegal within one business day if our helpful staff has been unable to deal with the matter at hand.

It is this high standard of excellence and customer service that our clients enjoy and deserve. Call now to book a consultation.

Judi Simms Professional Paralegal Corporation
41 Regent Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
T: 905.737.9747
F: 905.508.6864

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