Canada Immigration Express Entry Boxes To Check

We understand that people who want to immigrate to Canada would like to get here and start their new lives as fast as possible. That’s why the government has set up the Canadian immigration express entry program. This is the program that is used to manage applications under three different types of subcategories. These are:

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

This is the section that will allow people who want to immigrate to apply with some very specific skill and/or work criteria including at least one year of work with a set of specific hours per week.

The requirements here can be confusing unless you have a trusted guide by your side. That’s exactly what we offer here at The Judi Simms Paralegal Professional Corporation. When you book a consultation with us, we will be able to tell you about all the different requirements that will help to expedite your Canada Immigration Express entry application.

For example, we will be able to help you through the language requirements. There is a minimum requirement in either French or English for all people applying and you need to take a language test that’s approved by a government department that shows you are proficient in reading, writing and listening to one of the two native tongues.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program

This is another avenue to pursue but the requirements are different than in the first category. There are a few different subcategories that skilled trades have been divided into and we can help you match your particular skill set to the right section.
There are other requirements for the Federal Skilled Trades Program that we can help you with including defining your admissibility into the country.

The Canadian Experience Class

This particular program is another avenue that you can pursue under the Canadian Immigration Express Entry banner. However, if you plan on taking this avenue you should be aware there are some requirements and regulations about which province you live in and the kind of education you have.

It’s important to keep in mind there are some reasons the government of Canada will declare you inadmissible and won’t let you enter the country under any circumstances. These situations include you’re being convicted of a crime inside the country or having ties to organized crime.

We’ve been in business for years now and understand all the intricacies of the Canadian immigration system to better serve you. Why not get in touch with us today for help with your Canada Immigration Express Entry?