Big Takeaways From The Canada Immigration Process

Anyone who has a chance to immigrate to North America generally and Canada specifically should be rightfully excited about their prospects. However, the Canadian immigration process needs to be challenging to make sure the most qualified people who really want to live here gain entry to the country.

Did you know you can start online?

That’s because one of the first steps is making an expression of interest by creating a profile online for Express Entry. We understand that even these beginning stages might be overwhelming to someone who doesn’t understand the technology and requirements. It is very important that all the information here be as accurate as possible because supplying inaccurate information can disqualify you at this early stage.

That’s why we can help guide you through the process so this online profile is both strong and accurate. That way, you’ll get a good start on the Canadian immigration process. We can provide ongoing advice about strengthening your profile and increasing your chances of becoming a permanent resident in Canada.

We’re here to help

Of course when you get involved with what can be a confusing process, you’ll want to be sure to get expert experienced advice and consultation. The Judi Simms Paralegal Professional Corporation has the experience and credentials that will make you feel comfortable about working with them. For example, this is the company that has processed over 500 refugee claims and literally thousands of other immigration applications in a variety of different venues.

Ranking System

We understand that the comprehensive ranking system used by immigration officials can be overwhelming and confusing if you don’t have the right guides to help you sort through the requirements.

There are a variety of things you need to know about some of the ranking criteria like skill transfer ability factors and the criteria that would help someone to qualify for a provincial nomination or an offer of arranged employment.

Level of Education

The comprehensive ranking system that’s used as part of the Canada immigration process has 1200 points. Applicants are ranked according to a variety of factors including their level of education and their abilities to speak and communicate in one of the official two languages in Canada.

The whole process can be daunting without some professional help and we will begin working on your matter immediately after we’ve been retained. Keep in mind you’ll never be alone the tribunal again when you hire our services.