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Revocation of Landed Immigrant Status

booksSo you think that now because you have your landed immigrant status you are safe here in Canada! You have all the rights and entitlements of a Canadian! Well think again you are not entitled to carry a Canadian Passport you are still carrying the passport of your country of origin therefore you are still only a guest in the country with some privileges. You aren’t allowed to vote so therefore you are not really entitled to be involved in setting the parameters whereby the country is governed, and if you contravene the laws of the land you may be subject to getting your hard won status revoked.

You may have enjoyed landed immigrant status for twelve or thirteen years, but if you are found to have engaged in criminal activities you could easily become the subject of a removal order and have your status revoked if your criminality is serious enough.

This condition, however, is not strictly limited to criminality you might also have your status removed if you violate the terms and conditions of the Immigration Act where your landed immigrant status was originally obtained! Only you yourself would know what terms and conditions have been imposed upon you at the time of landing. For example if you are a spouse or common-law partner and you are no longer residing with your sponsor at the time your landed immigrant status is approved, or if you have not completed the requisite number of days, two years out of five at your convenience in Canada to maintain you’re landed immigrant status, your status maybe revoked as you are no longer fulfilling the terms of the sponsorship!

It is rumored that recently Canada Immigration has put twenty thousand people on notice who might fit into one of the above noted categories. Should you be one of the people in question you need to seek legal representation immediately.

The remedies for these problems are an Appeal to the Appeals Section of the Immigration and Refugee Board, or if you are not successful there an appeal to the Federal Court of Canada.

As legal service providers we are able to offer you help and support should you be faced with any of these issues. We have sixteen years of experience in the legal field with specialization in Immigration and Criminal Law. Our Toronto immigration consultants are well equipped to help you deal with these eventualities and provide assistance with getting your life back on track!

It has recently been brought to our attention that Citizenship and Immigration have sent out over 20,000 letters to immigrants with landed immigrant status who have had a past criminal issue in Canada advising that their status is in jeopardy and are being called for a hearing to address the issue. These matters must be taken up with the Appeals Board, a division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. We can provide expert representation to clients who have obtained landed immigrant status and now find themselves in this position. Contact our Richmond Hill office for immigration services and to speak with our immigration consultants.

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