When people are looking for Richmond Hill Paralegal Services, The Judi Simms Paralegal Professional Corporation stands head and shoulders above the crowd for several reasons. First and foremost, Toronto paralegal Judi Simms is a full member of the ICCRC and her other impressive credentials include membership in the Law Society of Upper Canada. She heads up the team that includes other professionals dedicated to providing the highest degree of expert service to our valued clients.

Richmond Hill Small Claims Court

Diversity and flexibility are some of the other traits that help us to excel. We currently have six people on staff that can help with Richmond Hill Small Claims Court processes that include putting together proper records of payments and other documentation. Remember we cover the full spectrum of legal services with certain specializations like Richmond Hill Small Claims Court and immigration.

Immigration Consultants Richmond Hill

Taking a few minutes to read the information on our website should convince you that our Immigration Consultants Richmond Hill services are top notch and geared toward getting any issues settled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Toronto paralegal Judi Simms has appeared before many Immigration and Refugee Board Tribunals and her experience can help you out today.